Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hello, World! (from Rick Jaggers' perspective)

     In 1979 I wrote my first BASIC program for my TRS-80 computer.
It printed the words "Hello World" on the screen and has become a ubiquitous Subject line whenever I start something new, like this blog.

    I'm opening this blog to post my thoughts, actions, and experiences as I bring my company onto the Internet and into Social Media.

    I will help people bring their business onto the Internet, or guide them to improve what they already have.

    There will be some people who can do it all themselves without (very much) help but would still like to do business with me.  I have two storefronts where they can buy/transfer domain names and/or buy web hosting space:
http://www.ABCInc-domains.com (I'm a reseller for resell.biz)
http://www.ABCInc-hosting.com (I'm a reseller for godaddy.com)

     And, of course, I will continue to offer my mother's book.   You can buy your copy at http://GloriaJaggers.com.

     If for some reason the link doesn't resolve then you can search for the book on Amazon.com "Give Me a Broom to Sweep Away the Cobwebs of My Mind."

~~ Rick Jaggers
Bookmark this link: http://www.jaggers.pw

Picture of Rick Jaggers from shoulders up against a grassy background.

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