Our Web Worker Internship program...

Web Development Specialist/Designer 

(WWW Creator)

Once someone has completed computer training, they need exposure to real-life applications.  At A Better Computer, Inc., we occasionally bring someone on board to provide additional training.

  • Our internship program is similar to training which would be given in an educational environment; the internship experience is for the benefit of the intern. Our training may include actual websites, which is an added opportunity.
  • The intern, and his/her work, is under close supervision of existing staff, especially with with live sites,  even though our own operations may be occasionally impeded.
  • The intern is not (necessarily) entitled to a job with us at the conclusion of the internship.
Each program will be developed for the intern's professional goals, but at a minimum their program will include the following skill sets:

( Dashboard)

Because communication is important, an intern will create a public blog to help focus his/her attention on goals and experiences. A Better Computer uses because Google provides the actual back-end mechanics.

This introduces the concept of producing content for a website.The intern will learn the difference between content and presentation without the distraction of making a website from scratch.

The blog will go hand-in-hand in improving their professional LinkedIn profile.

The intern will be given the option to create a private blog, too, for taking notes and recording progress.
(Domain Registration Dashboard)

Everything on the Internet begins with a domain name; but surprisingly the name itself doesn't really do anything!

The Intern will learn how to register a domain and "connect" it to their blog. This will involve identifying and configuring domain name server.

Continuing the communication theme, email and email accounts are very important. Here, the intern will learn how to create and leverage email forwarders.

Web Hosting
(cPanel Dashboard)

The intern will learn how to manage (administer) the back end of a website.
  • Email Forwarders and Accounts using cPanel
  • Install Word Press (cPanel and manual installation)

WordPress Dashboard

Starting with the back end, the intern will explore best security practices and Wordfence settings.
  • Wordpress help (,
  • Plugin: child themify
  • Themes - Finding (free) themes, installing and activating a theme, child themes
  • Set up pages and posts
  • Plugins - find, install, activate and configure
    • Contact 7, calendar, weather
    • Best practices
  • Users Accounts

Mailing Lists

Set up cPanel and Mailchimp lists; configure WordPress Plugins.

Mentoring - A last note

Why would anyone consider an unpaid internship? You are no longer unemployed!

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