Friday, August 21, 2015


My Linkedin career history just sort of faded away after I left Arma in 2013.

I spent this morning updating my Linkedin presence. [Note to self: cross-post this update on Facebook - more effort under the "time & space" category.]

I've now listed my student status at St. Pete College.  (I started my 3rd semester there this week!)  I've also been accepted as a SCORE volunteer in Pineallas county, but I haven't mentioned that on Linkedin, yet.

I finally added ABCInc as an "employer" even though I own the company. I originally incorporated in 1992 but I gave 2014 as my "start date" because that was when I began to put my own time into it. I learned how to give it top billing in my work history in my Linkedin page.

I also created a Linkedin business page for A Better Computer, Inc. Gosh, it's always something! Linkedin asked for an image to use as a logo on my business page. I found out one that I started sometime in the last 12 months. Still needs work:

Lots of work!

PS: I'm still pleased with my blog below titled "My Personal Bane: Parkinson's Law."

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