Friday, August 14, 2015

Web Work for ABCInc...

I've begun creating my web page for ABCInc (A Better Computer, Inc.)

I'm loaded WordPress to the URL ABC Tampa Bay dot-biz site.  (I will eventually point my other domains here, too, so you can find us using all of our domains.) This project is exciting because I have to update a lot of places:

I'm using the default WordPress twentyfifteen theme because I want to learn to control this from the ground up.

I LOVE youtube. I logged in and search for "twentyfifteen tutorials" - and found a lot.  I'm already working with a child theme. I began with this one Katrinah because she talks almost as fast as I can read. So far I've completed this:
  • Installed Jetpack from
  • Created a account so I can build a subscriber list for people who will want my tips and tricks.
  • I want to keep a list of plugins that I like and expect to use a lot. They are
    [*] child themify
    [*] theme file duplicator
    [*] Wordfence Security
    [*] Jetpack
    [*] Magic Action Box
    [*] Simple Social icons
    [*] Limit Login Attempts
    Wordpress theme twentysixteen is updated every day and it's getting to be a bit annoying for this daily ritual. Wordfence (and Wordpress itself) is good about notifying me by email. But when one shows up, they all show up. I'm trying out different auto-update plugins:
    [*] "Auto Update Themes" v0.1.2
    [*] BayshoreTownhomes "WP Plugins&Themes Auto Update" v0.2.4
    [*] A Better Computer "Update Control" v1.5
  • Found an interesting plugin while I was searching "auto update"
    Microblog Poster v1.6.4 - installed but not activated 11/10/2015 ABC site
             Automatically publishes your new blog content to Social Networks. Auto-updates Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Plurk, Diigo, Delicious...

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