Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Domain Name for you?

         Have you read the post about Ned Johnson and his book "The Trespasser Killer?" He published a book through lulu.com, and the publisher set up a page where he could sell his book directly to the public. I configured his domain name so that it was directed ("forwarded") to the lulu.com page. (www.NedJohnson.pw)

[Update April, 2016: www.NedTwain.pw goes to Mr. Johnson's "Author Spotlight" page at lulu.com ~ it lists all the titles he's published through lulu.]

         My mother published her autobiography at createspace.com. I did the same for her book. You can get a copy at www.GloriaJaggers.com.

         For myself, I created a free blog at blogger.com, owned by Google. I used all the free tools to make a pretty site and added content. I registered Jaggers.pw and then configured it so that it was directed to the blogger.com page.  That's what you're reading now! (www.Jaggers.pw)  I set up a second blog at WebTools.Jaggers.pw.

          Blogger.com is the site for another web site - where they provided the tools. I built the site and configured the domain name:  www.BarbaraLouHolcomb.name

         The common thread is that each of these five sites is free! They are maintained by a third party. The first two sites were created by book publishers for their own benefit. The last three sites handle all the back end stuff - upgrades, user accounts, security, etc.

I'll be happy to help you do the same! Here's how:

  • Collect the information you'll need:
    • The web page where you want visitors to land.
      Some destination pages don't need to know that you're doing this, e.g. lulu, createspace, facebook, twitter....  Some destination pages will let you hide them
    • Identify the mailbox you want to use to receive email addressed to your new domain, i.e. GMail, AOL, Yahoo, etc
  • Go to www.ABCInc-domains.com and create a free account.
  • Find and register a domain:
    • .PW domains are on sale until the end of 2016 for $3-$4 for the first year
    • .COM domains are really hard to get
    • .NET, .INFO, .BIZ and .ORG are reasonably priced - in the $12-$15/year range
    • There are several dozens of specialized extensions, but they can get to be expensive.
      .ACCOUNTANT ($46/year)
      .CLUB ($25/yr)
      .DEMOCRAT ($59/yr)
      .GREEN ($145/yr)
      .JOBS ($230/yr)
Here are your choices:
~~   You can do it all. I'll provide email support.
~~   I can do it all, based on the information you provide
~~   We can do it together. We can connect with telephone conferences or even meet in person.

If you need help, drop me a note at Rick at Jaggers.pw and we'll go from there.

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