Monday, May 1, 2017

SCORE Webinar: "5 Pillars for a Facebook Business Page that Rocks!"

Everyone in business is interested in marketing through Social Media, and as a SCORE mentor I want to learn as much as I can.

This is a review for a SCORE webinar I "attended" in April. 

There are several take-aways that I would like to share with you.:
  • Facebook can add significant value to your online marketing if you approach it correctly
  • The webinar really reinforces the challenge I wrote about in a previous blog, Internet Marketing: The Bottomless Hole. (The title hints of my perspective.) 😃
  • Facebook has many tools to enhance your business page, and you can use them to your advantage ~ including metrics to measure your success
You can watch the who seminar, too, by following this link:

5 Pillars
for a Facebook Business Page
that Rocks!

(The link opens in a new window)

The speaker is Pam Moore, CEO and co-founder of Marketing Nutz. She said she was working in social media before it was called "Social Media," and that she has "a massive audience across the social web." After listening to her presentation, I do not doubt that for a second.

She likes Facebook. Facebook has over a billion daily users, and the majority of them connect on mobile devices. (There are almost 2 billion monthly users.) What Moore likes is that Facebook has proven results with targeted, deep engagement.

Her talk was based on these points:
  • Prepare: do your Facebook homework!
  1. Architect: build a winning platform
  2. Connect: audience based approach
  3. Humanize: content and engagement
  4. Serve: care at every brand touch
  5. Optimize: tweak, rinse, repeat


The Prepare bullet has several components. She points out that "you will have to be in a continuous cycle of learning, the only guarantee we have in general is that it's going to change, everything we know can be difficult and different to wheeze for now -- Everything we know can be different to weeks from now ... You need to make sure that you understand the foundational components of Facebook. This includes all of the different Facebook apps that this exists, they are changing on a daily basis, make sure you are understanding personal pages of business pages, we will talk about that, no your own personal privacy settings and how you have them set up that you are optimizing your own personal profile."

In other words, be prepared to commit time to learn the gross settings and the nuances. And be prepared to review/learn the mechanics of Facebook, even if it's only 5 minutes a day, but do it every day!

She goes into detail about Personal Facebook Pages, Business Facebook pages, and (importantly) the terms of service for each.


A transcript of the is available on the SCORE website, but I had to go through it to clear up some of the "oops" of transcription, and to make easier to read. Here are a few quotes that I believe are important enough to repeat (bold emphasis added by me):

"No matter what size of your business you need to be establishing yourself as the go to person for whatever it is that you do."

"[Facebook] is providing us a platform ... need to connect with our audience and our communities, [and] our dream clients..."

"...we have no guarantee of reaching our ideal customer on any medium. I love this picture of the dog care, he really wants that bone."

"I wish I can tell you the fast track, you will just get there overnight, but the truth is, if you want to succeed you have to roll up your sleeves and do the homework."

"How will your business look different six months for now? Because you put focus effort in today. I want you to answer that question."

"It is very important that you understand the difference between a strategy, a plan, and tactics. You will see these words and hear these words about this in the social web. A lot of people get them confused...Unless you know why you are going there, don't go there."

"You are not going to make money until you invest. You have the opportunity up front to build relationships, and have the opportunity to build communities and make friends, it is not until we earn trust are establishing relationships, that we are able to harvest them, professionally and personally, it takes time."

"...the work of a good marketer is never done, this is something I learned to accept, my job was never going to be done, there's never going to be a day I wake up and say everything is perfect. It never happened in my entire career."

"... we're making sure that we keep our page fresh and want to check your business page daily...when people are talking to you and make sure that you are responding to these questions, remove all fake comments, rude comments, have a guideline that you publish that states when you are going to remove that content, definitely get spam off..."

Watch the seminar! I think you will find it an hour well spent. Follow this link:
(The link opens in a new window)

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