Friday, August 23, 2019

Practice ZOOM-ing!

Would you like to meet face-to-face with your customers, friends and family without having to drive there?

You'll need a tablet or a laptop or a desktop PC with a microphone & speakers. A webcam for your desktop PC is a decided plus!

ZOOM will allow two people to communicate from two different locations using the Internet. People can see each other, talk real time and, as appropriate, share computer desktops.

Zoom is one of the few products that works equally well on both Apple and Windows computers.

Now, you can practice and learn with me!

Practice Sessions Available!!

I will open several 30-minute blocks of time each week to allow you to connect to me using ZOOM on your computer. This is intended to be a practice session, and will give you experience before you go live with your own meetings.

To take advantage of this opportunity, send me an email at

I will send you an email with the meeting information.

Finally, at the scheduled time, use your computer to connect.

Requirements for ZOOM-ing

You need a Windows or an Apple computer with speakers, microphone, and a camera.

Laptops usually have all three. A desktop PC usually has speakers, and you can easily add a microphone [$20] and a camera (webcam) [$20-$60].

How to join the practice session

Here is a 52-second YouTube video showing how to accept an invitation and connect to your practice meeting. It's really easy. Note: you do not need a zoom account:

Click on the calendar below see the clickable link for each day's session:

How do I use Zoom for myself?

ZOOM offers a free account: 
  • Zoom requires only one person to have an account. (Free, remember!)
  • Your customers/clients/friends/family may be able connect through their browser, or they may have to download and install the zoom software. 
    • It's easy: you've already downloaded/installed the Zoom software.
  • The free account allows unlimited one-on-one sessions between two people.
  • Adding a 3rd person creates a 40-minute time limitation.
    • However, at the end of 40 minutes, you can disconnect and start a new 40-minute session
  • Subject to the 40-minute limit, a group meeting can have up to 100 participants.
After you launch your zoom, even before you connect to your client, the zoom controls appear on the screen:


PS: Here is a short video showing how I shop for webcams and microphones on Amazon:

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