Sunday, March 29, 2020

Copywriter vs Content Writer vs Technical Writer vs Technician

What is a Copywriter?

Content Writer
Technical Writer

Those three titles sound similar, but they have very different views of the same content.

Take, for example, the ever-present coffee pot.

  • Technical Documents (Technical Writer)

    • The technical writer wants to explain the coffee pot. How many cups does it make? How tall is it? Does it shut off automatically?

  • Content Writer

    • The content writer writes about the coffee pot. Do you need a 12-cup or a 4-cup coffee pot? What's the best way to make coffee in this particular coffee pot? Are there any alternatives?
    • Content documents appear on blogs and in magazines. Example: "The size of the coffee pot depends on whether you are making coffee for yourself, for the family, or the office..."

  • Copywriter

    • The sole purpose of this genre is to motivate you to buy the product. It is intended to be compelling and enticing. You want it!
    • Copy-written material has to tell the truth and should include specific details to support the claims you make.
    • "Your eyes are barely open, but your nose is wide awake as the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee fills the room. The coffee maker started 10 minutes ago. Your first cup is ready! This 4-cup coffee maker gets your day started faster."

  • Technical Copywriters

    • This is an interesting combination for a writer that has both technical skills and selling skills. This skill set is absolutely essential for any company that sells any product or service involving technology.

  • Technician

    • The technician is the person who has (probably) purchased the product, read the documentation, and actually uses it.
    • He/She preps the coffee, sets the timer; later pours the brewed coffee and sets out the condiments.

Rick Jaggers: Copywriter

Rick has a variety of communication and technical skills, and lots of experience to support them:
  • Web Developer
  • IT/Computer Specialist
  • WordPress guru
  • Technical Writer
  • Content Writer (Blogger)
  • Teacher/Instructor
  • Business Mentor and personal coach
Rick provides small business owners his Writing (sales) Copy, then backing that up with the other stuff that he does. He's really good at technical copywriting.

Wikipedia defines copywriting as "the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing."

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