Sunday, May 17, 2020

Pick Rick | Video Work

Prepend & Append Video Snippets

I continue to explore how to create videos for my "Pick Rick" brand.

I revisited my account to select and create video snippets that I can use without further payment or copyright problems. I created a file and downloaded it to my local computer.

Next, I used Windows Move Make to slice it into snippets. Here they are:

In the Beginning

This first one is intended to be pre-pended to video work. It sets a fast tempo...

At the End

This next one is intended to be appended to a video. It has about 10 seconds of movement, then another seconds of music...

Comments, feedback, and critique is appreciated, and may be entered below!

Finally, here is the original video that I created at Wave. (I really like the guy dancing dude about 10 seconds in!) There are no royalty, license, attribution or copyright issues because I have a paid account there.

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