Tuesday, July 21, 2020

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Wordpress for your Small Business Website (I Disagree!)

I stumbled across an interesting argument:

7 Reasons
Why You Should Not Use WordPress
for your Small Business Website

SPOILER: Here is why I disagree with the arguments.

You can read the entire article is at JPW Design Studio.

At the end of the article is the recommendation to use Squarespace instead. The very first comment says that the arguments are "self-promoting rubbish" intended to drive customers into a premium monthly payment solution.

[1] WordPress Developers will drive you down a dark path of coding & customization.

That can happen, but only if you allow it. A basic website is pretty straight-forward. Fancy design elements will require special coding, but a site owner can either encourage that or shut it down at the get-go.

[2] WordPress is too expensive to manage.

Huh? The writer cites reasons for frequent and continuing out-of-pocket costs, including total breakdowns every three months. Doesn't happen. The changes in technology give the small business owner the opportunity to tweak and enhance his website.

[3] You won't be able to edit on your own without a ton of training.

The writer's main claim is that WordPress was "made for coders." That's wrong. He does say "[WordPress] is not fun for business owners." If it is confusing to his clients then perhaps his teaching skills are lacking...

Technology is a tool. Even Facebook and LinkedIn have learning curves. Why should a small business owner's website be any different?

[4] WordPress breaks down too frequently.

That is just wrong.

I like to use analogies, and the analogy that comes to mind is an automobile. The phrases "breaks down" and "too frequently" are in the eye of the operator. Some owners would use those words if a car gets hit by a piece of gravel and needs a paint touch-up once a year.

The write adds "(owners)  just to make sure all is working well."  Car owners know the schedule to change the oil...

[5] Hackers get into WordPress too easily.

Again, "too easily" is a judgement call, and I disagree with it.

[6] WordPress is not the only platform that works well with SEO.


[7] It's just bad for small business.

The writer's summary "...it takes up your precious time, money and resources to make sure your site just does the bare minimum...." is NOT limited to WordPress. It applies to everything a small business owner does on the Internet.

My Conclusion:

None of those augments are valid. The title was tempting, but reading the article turned out to be a waste of my time.

It is estimated that WordPress is behind a third of the websites on the Internet, and the list of users reads like the who's-who of business!

Like anything for a small business:

  • If you have money, but not much time, then contract it out. If you don't have the time to attend to all the nuances of your digital presence, then contract that out, too.
  • If you have little/no money, then you will have to invest your time. WordPress is so ubiquitous that there are tons of resources on the Internet to help you.


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