Thursday, October 1, 2020

WordPress: Learn Gutenberg Blocks II


More How To Use
Gutenberg Blocks
in WordPress

I want to share more about how I learned to use Gutenberg...

A month ago I posted an article where I mentioned that official support for the classic WordPress editor plugin will end on December 31st, 2021 ~ some 15 months from now. ("WordPress: Learn Gutenberg Blocks")

My solution is to...

Learn/Use Gutenberg Blocks, now!

For your convenience I've created a play list in my YouTube channel with the Yoast videos from my previous article:  YouTube PlaylistIt's an hour of continuous watching.

 A month after I posted that article I found one sentence that put everything in perspective.

  • Visualize a page as a stack of blocks, one block at a time on top of each other.
  • There is one block per row.
  • Each block is designed to display content in a specific format. 

    • Among these formats are:
      • paragraphs (text), 
      • titles, 
      • images, 
      • videos, 
      • literally dozens of other formats. 
    • Some of these blocks are free, some are sold as a premium, and some may be part of a theme package. The names "block editor" and "Gutenberg" are used interchangeably.
    • Each block can be formatted differently from the preceding and following blocks.
    • Each block can contain other blocks.
  • There are special blocks for layout. One such block can contain columns! 
    • And yes, you can embed blocks inside the columns.
  • A typical page might look like this (7 blocks in 6 rows):
    1. Title block
    2. Image block, centered
    3. Text block - 1st paragraph
    4. Text block - 2nd paragraph
    5. Column block - 2 columns
      • Left column - image block
      • Right column - text block (for description)
    6. Text block - Another paragraph
There is still a lot to learn - and to master - from learning what blocks are available to learning how to format each block individually, how to save blocks for repeated use, how to embed and stack blocks.

I again refer you to my previous article from a month ago, "WordPress: Learn Gutenberg Blocks," for a step-by-step lesson.

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FYI: I am a digital immigrant (vs a digital native, AKA millineals). My analogies and stories are best understood and enjoyed by people born before 1980. I like to share what I've learned, and I like the word free.

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