Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Tidbits: Expert Secrets Book Review


Expert Secrets

by Russell Brunson

The subtitle for this book is "the underground playbook for creating a mass movement of people who will pay for your advice..."

The author caught my attention when he said,
"As you know, the world is filled with experts who are broke, people with advice and opinions and no one is listening to them."

That observation was presented in the first paragraph of the first page of the text, after the usual front matter such as acknowledgments and the introduction. Actually, it's the second sentence!

I believe that I have expert advice (and opinions!) but my audience is limited to only a few people at a time.

For example, I spent 3 hours on Monday helping someone add products to an eCommerce website. He drove the keyboard, and I looked over his shoulder. (It was a virtual session, sharing a screen over Zoom.)

I had the same experience last week with a business owner that needed WordPress help. I can teach technology, and I have the patience to let the student process what was presented.

I can edit videos and upload them to YouTube. Then I can (and do) add the link to a website or to a MailChimp email campaign. I also create and publish YouTube playlists.

I know that I have experience in Hybrid Meetings. I can evaluate and set up a venue. During the meeting, I can focus on the technical parts of the Internet connection. My goal is to make the technology invisible to the leadership and to see that the online participants are included and engaged.  I've started working with an HOA in 2021. I've been supporting the VFW and the Pinellas Genealogy Society to run hybrid meetings for all of 2022.

One Chapter Ahead

I did take comfort when Brunson said that an expert does not have to know everything about something. 

Brunson quotes the author of Catch Me If You Can,  Frank Abagnale, talking about teaching a class at Brigham Young University. Abagnale said ""All I had to do was read one chapter ahead of the students." (Abagnale had dropped out of college and was not qualified to teach at a prestigious university.)

Brunson continues, "That's the key.. There will always be people in the world who are more advanced than you. That's fine... don't let it stop you from helping the ones who are a chapter or two behind you."

I've heard that sentiment before. I often say "I'm working on Chapter 3, and I am now qualified to teach Chapters 1 and 2." This allows me to answer a by-the-way question with "I can't answer that right now." (FWIW: I furiously research the answer, report back to the student, and add the knowledge to my repertoire.)

WILLING and ABLE to spend money

A few pages later, Brunson begins talking about marketing experience and information. This third point (Question #3) asks if there are people who are WILLING and ABLE to spend money on information.

He cited an example of both qualifications.


Brunson used kids who didn't have credit cards as a group of prospects who would be unable to purchase a course on how to win video games. The kids' best hope was to convince their parents to buy it for them.


He also told the story of engineers who had the money but weren't interested (unwilling) in spending it on coaching.

This has caused me to rethink marketing my new business. (Hybrid Meeting Specialists) While Homeowner Associations have the money, they may not see the need (unwilling) to hire technical support for their Board of Director meetings.

Chapter 2 of Expert Secrets

To be continued. I wanted to capture and share those two thoughts.

(Grinning as I type this) ...I'm just started Chapter 2

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