Saturday, February 18, 2023

Email: MailChimp Changes Are coming...

New MailChimp

Effective in March 2023, Mailchimp is changing the number of contacts it allows in its "forever free" plan. Mailchimp has essentially gutted this plan.

On the plus side, Mailchimp is continuing the $0 plan ("forever free"). 

Unfortunately, Mailchimp has reduced both the number of contacts and the number of monthly emails. The new numbers are down to the "free trial" levels offered by other mailing list providers.

(Sigh) MailChimp has had several years of enthusiastic support and recommendations. No more. I have presented the MailChimp brand and MailChimp logo to thousands of people over the years - otherwise free advertising to markets MailChimp would not normally reach.

I volunteer at one non-profit organization that sends weekly emails to 1,300 supporters. I do not know how many of our subscribers have considered buying Mailchimp services. Now, I am moving their account to Email Octopus as soon as possible:

Email Octopus has a generous free plan, which will suit our needs for now. We are well within the 10,000 emails per month (about 50%). More importantly,  they will allow us to maintain a subscriber list of up to 2,500 email addresses.

I volunteer at another non-profit organization that sends about 400 emails once a month to 250 subscribers. That is just below the new Mailchimp limits. I will move them to EmailOctopus later this year.

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