Wednesday, August 19, 2020

SCORE Member-to-Member Connections


The August meeting for SCORE volunteers included a brief presentation on how to use ZOOM.

Now volunteers can practice what they learned before going "live" with a one-on-one client mentoring session.

[Step 1] Join a meeting that Rick sets up during the week. You do NOT need a ZOOM account to do this.

[Step 2] You set up a meeting and invite Rick. You'll need access to the SCORE Zoom account.

Please write

Here is a 53-second video that shows how to connect:

How ZOOM benefits SCORE Volunteers:

  • You log into ZOOM, schedule a meeting, then send out invitations.
  • Clients connect through their browser.
  • You can share your desktop. (Lean canvas, perhaps)
  • Your client can share their desktop.
    • If your client shares their computer screen, then you can look over their shoulder while they run the mouse/keyboard.
  • The SCORE account allows unlimited sessions between two or more people.
    • A SCORE mentor may bring in a 2nd mentor
    • A client may include a key employee or a business partner at a different location.
  • Your SCORE client will learn is how easy it is to use zoom, and perhaps they will want to open a free account for their business to connect to their customers.

This was such a good idea that someone suggested making that I offer it to everyone else, too!

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