Tuesday, December 22, 2015

SCORE seminar "Creating your web presence" and "Marketing Your Business Online" (Toby Martini)

Toby Martini - SCORE seminar "Creating your web presence" My take-aways:

Toby's recommended WordPress themes:
  • Thesis
  • Canvas
  • Headway
Toby's recommended WordPress plugins:
  • Akismet
  • Online Backup
  • Yoast SEO
  • NextGen Gallery
Use Email Opt-in with autoresponder

The front page of your website:
  • Use a page name different from "home"
  • Show that you are [1] Smart [2] Helpful and [3] Available 
  • Identify and resonate with your target market
  • Show 1-3 benefits of working with us
  • What do you want them to do next?
Images: Use them!
  • Everystockphoto.com
  • Flikr.com
  • Stock exchange - www.sxc.hu
  • Istockphoto.com
  • GettyImages.com

    Three attitudes you want to project: Knowledgeable, Helpful, Available

    Marketing: Who is your target market?
    • Demographics - statistically measurable
    • Psycho graphics - "soccer moms"
    • Ideal Client /avatars (Best Buy has avatars)
    The goal of your website is to collect email addresses...

    The purpose of business on Social Media is to direct people to our website

    Tag line:  "WE DO (this) FOR (who)"
    - Your website's evevator speech
    -- "Helping you get your message to your right people"
    -- "Connect with your customers!'
    -- "We Build Businesses (even small ones)"
    -- "I get more poelpe to buy what you're sell."

    SEO Basics - each page has its own search engine results

    The strategy

    • Create great content
    • Be knowledgeable and helpful
    • Talk in the language of your target
    • Be consistent
    • Be persistent
    • Follow up ALWAYS
    • Tell them what to do next

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