Thursday, February 25, 2016

Exploring Wordpress: Weaver XTreme (Another WordPress Theme)

On Feb 24th I attended my first Meet-Up (for WordPress!) at the Tampa Bay Computer Society in Clearwater.
I was pointed in the direction for a new theme: Weaver Xtreme (home page). This recommendation came with accolades for the theme itself and the support from the theme design team. And, yes, there is a premium/pricing option available - but not required.

I've downloaded Weaver Xtreme and created a child theme to work on. I've opened the WordPress "Live Preview" and the first thing that jumped out was the font...and the large banner photo across the top of the page. I'll have to work on the menus, too.

You can look in the lower right bottom corner of the page to see whether I've moved BayshoreTownhomes from the Suffusion theme to Xtreme:

-- Rick

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