Thursday, February 18, 2016

Exploring WordPress: Suffusion (A WordPress Theme)

I've been moving to Wordpress (after wasting a year exploring Joomla) as a Content Management System (CMS). This is a technical update for people who are beginning down their own path.

-[ February, 2016 ]- You can see me applying the lessons I'm learning as I move my HTML website for BayshoreTownhomes to a Wordpress site. The Wordpress site may change hourly when I'm on the keyboard.

I began with the WordPress default themes (twenty-sixteen, twenty-fifteen, etc).  I soon discovered that these are very versatile themes, but to modify these themes to meet my expectations required  far more PHP and CSS skills than I am willing to learn right now.

The site offers hundreds (thousands?) of free themes. The big pluses, for me, are that these free themes are scrubbed for malicious code and are available for installation and activation from within the Wordpress dashboard!

Free Wordpress themes are not checked for efficiency, and support from the developer is spotty, unavailable, or at a cost. Many free themes are offered as hooks into commercial themes that require an annual license fee, or a charge for a "membership."  I'm unwilling to commit a $399/year path with my current level of experience.

The WordPress theme Suffusion is both really free and well supported.  In fact, the only request for money is a request to buy the developer a cup of coffee.

YouTube tutorials have been a great help in my journey through WordPress, and this is again true with tutorials for Suffusion.
* I've completed one set by Jeffery Jack, and I recommend them!! His voice is great, and he is thorough as he goes through buttonology. He has his own YouTube channel, and a webpage (built on Suffusion, BTW).
* I found a YouTube review by that discusses Suffusion and its role in WordPress. Slocum Design Studio Channel.

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