Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Better Computer, Inc ~ Our domain names!

We incorporated as A Better Computer, Inc in 1993 in Georgia. When we moved to Key West in 2002, we re-incorporated in Florida.

We registered the domain ABetterComputerInc.com, and picked up the domain ABetterComputerInc.info because the dot-info domains were on sale that year.

More is Better

In 2003, we moved to Clearwater, Florida. Of course, being in the Tampa Bay area, we acquired the domain ABCTampaBay.com because it's shorter and rolls off the tongue easier. We also picked up ABCTampaBay.biz, mostly because we could.

We became a domain reseller, and it came with a built-in storefront. We also partnered with GoDaddy and got a storefront with them for webhosting. We acquired four more domains, and you can see how they relate to our new storefronts:


A New Direction (...Maybe...)

[ Update: June, 2016, we allowed our InternetGuides registrations to lapse. ]

In June, 2015, we considered a new business focus, and registered the following domains:
This was because the Internet dominates our lives today. User familiarity is so strong we don't need to establish User Groups or classroom instruction. People are learning to search for answers on their own with [Help] buttons and FAQs.

We're not sure where, or if the Internet Guides idea has enough traction to build a business model. I'm going to activate the links. They will open in a new tab, but in April 2016 they are redirected to our ABCInc site.

After looking at those domains for almost a year, I wonder if those names convey what I intend. My intended meaning is "someone who leads."  But a "guide" is also a book or some other publication.

I went looking for synonyms to the word "guide." I wonder if one of these wouldn't be better:
  • Internet mentor  (maybe)
  • Internet counselor  (stuffy)
  • Internet teacher  (has other connotations)
  • Internet docent  (maybe)
  • Internet guru  (I'm not that - yet)
  • Internet escort  (possible)
  • Internet adviser (maybe)
  • Internet genie  (is gender an issue?)
  • Internet pathfinder (maybe)
  • Internet lodestar (Light used as a signal)

PS: Domain Registration is fun!

And today, we registered ABCInc.biz! All the others (.com, .net, .info, .org, etc) have been gone for years.  Not sure what we can do with it: we may be able to build our email accounts around this domain...
[ Update: December, 2016, we are using that domain to link to this blog. ]
[ Update: July, 2019, we are using ABCInc.pw domain to link to this blog and using ABCInc.biz as an alias for our website at ABetterComputerInc.com. ]

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