Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Statement Of Work (SOW): Jumpstart your website

$499 ~ You'll get a domain name, like you'll get with the $99 basic personal site. But you also get web hosting for a year, WordPress installed and a free WordPress theme.

Analogy: if this were a restaurant, then this is comparable to us getting the business license, finding the real estate, putting up the building, and delivering tables/chairs. It would still be up to you to arrange the tables, decorate the walls and create the menu. But that's the fun part, anyway.

Here's what you get for your $499. The important stuff is at the end, but we have to go through these steps in the order to get there.

Domain name...

You get a basic domain name, free for the first year, and ownership is registered in your name. After the first year your renewal cost should be around $15/year, more or less. We'll help you pick out a good name. (A "basic" domain name is something like dot-com, dot-net, dot-biz, dot-info, etc.)

Privacy Protection...

Your domain name comes with free privacy protection. Beginning in the 2nd year, your cost for the privacy protection part will be around $3/yr.

Domain Dashboard...

You'll get your own account and password, and full access to your Domain name. You can use this to acquire more domain names.
Sample ABCInc-Domains dot com login screen

Internet "Real Estate" (AKA "hosting")...

You need a place on the Internet to display your website. Your first year's "lease" for your website is included. You may not understand the importance of this right now, but your hosting account will have unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.


Yes, you get email!  You have two options:
  1. Set up a new email account for your business or 
  2. Set up email addresses and have the messages sent to the email mailbox you are already using.
Regardless of the option you choose, you can begin using your new email address right away on your business cards and other printed material.

cPanel Dashboard...

 We'll do the work, but you will have access to the back room of your website with your own login and password. Think of this as the utility closet in your office that holds your phone system, cable, and electric fuse boxes. You probably don't need to go there, but you need to have a key.
(By the way, this is where we will set up your email.)
Sample cPanel Login Screen

WordPress: Dashboard...

We will install the latest version of WordPress in cPanel, and provide you a login ID and password.  If you ask around then you'll know WordPress is both popular and widely used (as in used in over 50% of the websites on the Internet!).
Sample WordPress Login Screen

WordPress: Weaver Theme...

We will install the Weaver Xtreme theme on your site. Consider this as ordering kitchen and dining room equipment for your restaurant. It's still in the boxes, but at least it's in the building.

WordPress: Widgets...

Whew!  We're almost there. Continuing a restaurant analogy, this would be the kitchen utensils and table condiments: necessary, but often overlooked in the mad rush to open the doors.

Final technical support

You get this stuff, too, and they are things you won't have to worry about once they're done:
  • XML Sitemap Page and submission of XML sitemap to major search engines like Google & Yahoo etc.
  • Professional Search Engine optimization.
  • Standard Favicon Icon to standout your site.
  • Professionally designed 404-Not found page.
  • Robots.txt file to avoid unauthorized access of search engine spiders on your site.

Finally, Your Turn!

This is the important stuff for you that I mentioned at the top of this page.

Now that all the background work has been done, we need to know what you want to put on your website! Pretty much everything after this is marketing, rather than technical support.

Home Page

This is the page everyone sees the first time they get to your site.

About Page

This is for your company information, including a contact-us form.

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