Thursday, July 13, 2017

Job Titles for Web Workers?!

At a recent WordPress Meetup, admittedly in a moment of distraction, I reflected on the job title of the presenter.

My question:
What single word described my skill sets? 

I was off to Google for my research...

My first challenge was to frame my query:

"Website job titles" was first up in the search results, followed by Rounding out the first four findings were and WebProfessional.job (this was the first site I've visited with a dot-job top-level-domain name!). BTW: each of those links will open in a new window, if your're curious.

Web Designer

This was the first and most obvious title in 3 of the four sites I cited. The emphasis was on the word "designer." 1stWebDesigner calls web designers "the architects of the web." The put together the complete package, including colors/images, look-and-feel, and even costs/budget. I don't think they have to be very deep into specific skill sets, but have to have knowledge of all of them.

In small agencies, and even as free-lancers, they have to wear many other hats, and are probably have extensive experience in at least one area. I attended a talk that stressed the importance of branding, and even showed how to search for images on the 'net to find if the website was using stock photos or original art work. After the meeting, he admitted he didn't have a clue to get from zero to page layout.

Web Developer

This sounds like a nuanced derivative of Web Designer. WebProfessonals says they "are masters at optimizing web site structure and interactivity." Developers are more hands-on with the mechanics (back-end) of the website. There are additional synonyms and sub-titles that are more narrowly focused:

  • Front-End/Back-End Developer
  • UI/UX/Interaction Designer
  • Web Programmer
  • Web Application Developer.
  • Full Stack Developer
1stWebDesigner makes this distinction between Designers and Developers: "If web designers are the white-collared architects of the Web industry, we have the developers as the ever-hardworking blue-collar builders."

Content Strategist/Manager

This individual is responsible for deciding what goes onto the website. If the purpose of a website is to showcase a product or a company - well, someone has to decide what's important!

It's sad that most small business owners (unfairly, IMHO) default this responsibility to their "web person," who becomes both designer and developer and content creator.
[Note to self: I should create a slide or document that lists these job titles and explain this to potential clients up front before any work begins.]

Webmaster/Web Administrator

WebProfessional views webmasters' value is as a "generalist."

Affiliated Job Titles

  • E-Commerce Manager (Product Manager)
  • SEO Specialist
  • Art Director
  • etc...

And the answer is: Developer

For the most part, anyway. And that's this morning. On other mornings I'm a webmaster (a generalist), with occasional moments of Content Manager. In any event, I get things done!

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