Thursday, July 6, 2017

My 2017 Journey into Social Media

"Social Media" is all the rage, along with SEO.

I'm saving SEO for another blog, but I want to document me getting involved into the depths of Social Media.

Marketing Through Social Media

It's interesting that all social media sites require you to have a personal page before you can create a business page. I had started early enough that I captured a RickJaggers identity for my personal pages. My corporate name, ABetterComputerInc, does not have much competition on the Internet.

A Better Computer Inc (Home Page)

I started creating web pages in the early 1990's, and I strongly believe that all social media should link back to a strong home site. This is my anchor for all social media sites, and I believe that everything should link back to a website that I own and control!


I was pulled into Facebook screaming and kicking. My brother had set up Facebook account for our mother so she could see pictures and track activities of her children and grandchildren.

My business page was an afterthought. I cut-and-pasted a lot of information from my web page.

Linked In


My profile is a two-for-one: I personally volunteer at SCORE to provide business mentoring.


I don't use twitter. Yet. I don't have enough time in the day to follow my friends on Facebook, much less hundreds (thousands) of 140-character tweets a minute from the whole world. None-the-less:

Apparently someone has to have 100 subscribers to get a custom URL. Creating a watch list just happens in the background when someone surfs YouTube; creating (and editing) content is almost a fulltime job.
  • Personal Page ~ Yes
  • Business Page ~ Yes


I'm finding Google Plus to be challenging! It's supposed to be similar to Facebook, but I haven't learned the major parts, much less the nuances. For example, I can log into my Google account, then follow a link to the page this supposed to be my Google+ site. I can see my Rick Jaggers and ABCInc icons, but I haven't found how to direct anyone else to the link.
  • Personal Page ~  RickJaggers
  • Business Page ~ ?
  • Yelp - Events, Nightlife, places to visit, restaurants, bars
  • Trip Advisor - restaurants, things-to-do, hotels
  • Angie's List - ?
  • Craig's List - ?
  • Amazon - ?

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