Friday, March 15, 2019

Video Advertising

Check it out:

A Better Computer, Inc.,
Now Does Video Marketing!

You can watch this video on ABCInc's Facebook Page

Kudos to Tony Rockliff 

Tony has given several workshops about video advertising. 

I appreciate the gift of his time for prep and presentation, and the generosity for the knowledge and experience he shares. His website is

I've attended four (5?) of his workshops, and I'm looking forward to the next one. One workshop (maybe 2) has been through the Tampa Bay Technology Society, and three others have been through SCORE.

Each workshop is slightly different from the others. His oh-by-the-way comments are valuable additions to his slides.

Tony Rockliff's Video Software reviews

In one of his first talks, Tony reviewed software he had personally tested. Of those 10, he could only really recommend three:,, and All of them require a monthly commitment of $10-$100, depending on the licensing for reselling them. 

Of those three, he was really high on Wave has 4  plans based on capabilities, access to library, and licensing for resale:
  • Starter Plans
    • Free
    • "Creator" ~ $8.25/month ($99/year)
  • Business Plans
    • "Pro" ~ $16.50/month ($198/year)
    • "Agency" ~ $33.25/month ($399/year)

One day, the Entrepreneur Magazine webstore offered a "lifetime" account for a single payment of $22.  I jumped on the offer!  Afterwards, I found I had a "creator" account for five years! Even at 5 years this is a $475 savings.

Learning to make videos

There are lots of tutorials available, both through and generically through YouTube. At the end of a single day I had produced three videos, including the one at the top of the page.

To quote the speaker from another SCORE presentation, "Better done than perfect."

This dovetails nicely with the course I took at St. Pete College (DIG 2030 ~ "Survey of Digital Video"). In that class, we went through the entire process of creating a video, from selecting an idea, to writing a script to story boarding to planning a shoot to doing a shoot to editing the video. There was additional documenting along the way, including budgeting and creating a proposal

Needless to say, I recommend this course, whether it is audited as a non-traditional student or taken for credit. ( Any Florida resident over the age of 60 can take it for free! (Blog:

Next Step...?

I will continue to learn these video skills for my own growth and for the benefit of my customers.

And, of course, I recommend attending any workshop or class or work by Tony Rockcliff.
  • I first heard him at the Tampa Bay Technology Center (
  • Tony has spoken at two SCORE workshops (
  • This man is one of the most experienced people in this field!
    He has his own studio, and does really high quality work. ( Tony is also working on a new project, "Videos For Any Budget."
Tony believes...

Video Marketing Is No Longer Optional

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