Monday, April 8, 2019

Daily Video Challenge

I found an article that talked about using videos for email marketing.

Interesting reading, as always. But near the bottom of the post was a discussion about how to hone your video presence and your video skills.

At the bottom of the article was a suggestion  record something, and make it public. Here is mostly what it says:

Practice making a video every day.

" also need to perform well. Body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice all matter enormously when you’re on camera. 

"...The problem is that a lot of people think they need coaching or practice before they make their first video. It’s the opposite. You get great at being on camera by practicing being on camera.

"...I recommend you do a 30-day challenge: Post a video on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram every day for a month. It can be about anything, and it can be any length.

"...The point is to post daily and publicly, so you see exactly how you come across on video and have pressure to improve. It’s uncomfortable, but it works."

You can read the entire article at

You can also view my previous attempts on YouTube by following the link or going to the YouTube website to search for "Richard Jaggers."

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