Tuesday, June 25, 2019

FYI: ABCInc.biz Blog moved to ABCInc.pw

At the end of June, 2019, I bought the domain name ABCInc.PW

ABCInc.biz now points to the A Better Computer, Inc. home page
ABCInc.pw now points to this blog for A Better Computer, Inc.
Jaggers.pw continues to point to my personal blog.
(Read "PW" as "Personal Web," which is appropriate for a blog.)

ABCInc.biz now redirects to A Better Computer Inc. You can get to my ABC home page typing (or clicking) any one of these:

Look for those links at the end of my videos!

However, I have been using ABCInc.biz to point to my business blog for years, now. If you discover a reference that I haven't changed, please drop me a note using the form on the right!

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