Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Video: My Senior Computer Coach website

I created this 20-second video for my Facebook business page:

 What do you think?

I did not write a formal script; instead the project evolved as I explored and discovered what options were available to me.

I began recording this video using Zoom. That program recognizes that I have a green screen and allows me to record against a background image. I chose a picture of the beach. Of course! I recorded several "takes" then saved the zoom video.

I exited Zoom, then opened Windows Movie Maker.

Next, I imported the Zoom video into Movie Maker. I cut it down to one 8-second clip. Movie Maker allowed me to to save it on my computer as an MP4 file.

I exited Movie Maker, opened Chrome, then connected to

I uploaded my 8-second MP4 file to a new project. I added the beach video and graphics. (This was as much a learning session for me as it was working on a particular video.)

Finally, I "rendered" it and downloaded the final MP4 video to my local computer.

I logged out of and logged into Facebook.

I uploaded the finished video to my Facebook business page as a profile header..

Whew! That' was about 3 hours work.

I think it turned out well considering my equipment, software, and experience!

I used these tools:
  • An inexpensive Logitech webcam (C615-$30)
  • A cheap USB microphone (Insignia NS-PAUM50 - $10) 
  • A refurbished Dell computer (Optiplex 7010 INTEL I7)
  • ~ Free for video conferencing for up to three people. It supports video, screen sharing, and allows recording the video session
  • Windows Movie Maker - this is an application from 2012 (free) that is unavailable now.
  • ~ I have a basic "Creator" account. That level allows me access to editing tools and a video library. I can produce and download videos up to 1 minute long.
Link: My Senior Computer Coach on Facebook

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