Thursday, August 1, 2019

LastPass Password Management 2019 Review

I have been using LastPass password Manager for several years.
screen shot of LastPass logo

I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before I selected LastPass.

One determining factor at that time was that it was free. (It's still free!) After the first year I paid $12 for the premium version, but I never used any of the features the Premium plan brought to me.

That cost is a bargain because LastPass in now managing over 800 passwords for me...

...and that's EIGHT HUNDRED user IDs and passwords - with comments - that would normally be recorded in a notebook. LastPass maintains encrypted records in the cloud and on the local computer, so my password updates are available on all my PCs.

One reviewer wrote, "Do you need a password manager? Unequivocally, yes." Here's how I use it:

When I open a website, LastPass searches its records for a matching URL. If LastPass finds one, then it looks for ID and Password fields.

If LastPass finds more than one record, then it shows a pull-down menu. For example, I have, and have access to, several Google/GMail accounts. I select the account, then LastPass fills the fields with that information.

If LastPass finds nothing, then it does nothing.

After I log in, LastPass compares the login information with what it has previously recorded. It will offer to update the record if I used a different ID/Password. If LastPass has no record, then it will offer to add it!
screen shot of browser toolbar showing LastPass icon
My browser tool bar
LastPass icon is 3 dots

Finally, from the tool bar, I can open a LastPass record to add additional comments. (You can click on the picture below to see a larger image.)

Now, today, I have to remember only one password: the password to log into LastPass itself. My password is 24 characters long and includes a combination of special characters, numbers, upper-case letters and lower case letters.

Every other login is fully automated, and I can use long/complex passwords on all my website accounts.

One review said "LastPass is a liberating experience to use."
I agree to that without hesitation.

LastPass has three levels for personal use: Free, Premium, and Family. The Family plan only costs $1/month more but includes a total of 6 users. In 2019 LastPass raised the price of it's Premium version to $36 ($3/month). LastPass offers business plans.

I recommend this article by Sam Cook  if you want to use LastPass: " article at titled "LastPass Review 2019" because he goes step-by-step and includes screen shots of the process.

PS: The premium version allows LastPass to be used on a cell phone or tablet, but I personally haven't installed LastPass on those two devices. Another review: "Your personal devices are the weak link. It’s a lot harder for a password manager — or any software — to protect your valuable data if the computer (or phone or tablet) you’re working on is compromised." (or stolen)

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