Wednesday, September 18, 2019

"Follow By Email"

On the sidebar to the right is an innocuous box that invites you to submit your email address.

When you do that, you will receive notifications delivered to that address when a new article has been posted to this blog!

Follow (This Blog) By Email

(Your address is not used for any other purpose!)

Why subscribe to notifications...?

  • Your inbox won't be overwhelmed - Rick only posts a few times a month
  • You might forget that he does post - if only a few times a month

Easy Unsubscribe...

At the bottom of the notification is a link to goes directly to that specific article, plus a link to unsubscribe.

The "unsubscribe" button opens in a new tab, and you are given the option to confirm that you want to cancel your notifications. Or, if you want to continue receiving notifications, simply close that tab without taking any further action.
Notice that the notification is handled completely by Google.

Easy Read...

PS: A snippet from the article will be attached to the notification, so you can decide whether you want to read the whole thing or just delete the message.

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