Monday, September 30, 2019

All About Internet Video Hardware/Software

Rick's Internet Video Recommendations

Let's go shopping on Amazon for a web cam!
(Microphone shopping begins at the 2:48 mark.)

I have several software packages to recommend, too. They are listed below, after links to products mentioned in the video.

  • Products mentioned in video:
  • Windows Movie Maker
    • This is a free product originally distributed by Microsoft. Unfortunately Microsoft not only stopped supporting the product, but they not longer offer it from their website. I have a copy, and I've been using it for years. The credits at the end of the shopping video were added using Windows Movie Maker.
  • Zoom (
    • This is a tool that forces you to think outside the box!'s specialty is video conferencing. They allow unlimited one-on-one chats, and have professional plans for multi-sessions in excess of one hour.
      1. allows one participant to share their screen with whomever they are talking to. It's great for sharing a PowerPoint presentation.
      2. A Zoom chat session has a record option, so the conversation can be archived and reviewed later. Or edited.
      3. Only one person has to be in the chat for the screen-sharing and recording option to work.
      4. Do you see where I'm going with this?
    • I used Zoom to create this video, then used Windows Movie Maker to remove the "Uhs, & Ohs" and generally tighten up the video.
  • OBS Studio ~ Open Broadcast Software (
    • This is a software that you can install between the camera and your output, whether it's zoom or Facebook live.
  • Wave (
    • Tony Rockliff introduced me to this online resource at one of his workshops.
      • I recommend that you attend Tony's workshops whenever you can. Even if you've already heard the presentation, his oh-by-the way comments are worth the time for an encore sitting.
    • Wave opens a ton of stock images, music, and templates. I used to create this 30-second video for one of my websites: 
      More details at
  • "Frugal" ~ The only resources I've paid for is Wave. Everything else, and the level I am using, is free. I really like that word! Other free software I've installed and played with:
    • You can use Flastback Express for a screen recorder to publish on YouTube. It has the capacity to add an audio track as you complete tasks on your sreen.
    • Davinci Resolve v15 is a full feature, high-end free video editor! Resolve v.16 is for sale at $299, but you can scroll to the bottom of the page to download the free v.15 edition.
    • Windows 10 still has built-in audio and video editors. The video/photo editor is intended to be the replacement for Windows movie maker.
  • Adobe offers free trials, but after that you must pay. 
  • Apple has excellent video software, but it only runs on Apple computers. 
    • I do not use and cannot review that platform.
    • Apple's iMovie is free and comes installed with Mac OS. A google search list several more, including free and premium (paid) software.

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