Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Why of a Website

Why do you have a Website...?

The main purpose of a website is to turn your visitors into prospects and your prospects into customers! That is the perspective taken by this post and is purely a business attitude.

Victor Thomas wrote "A website is not really about the thing that you’re selling or the information you are presenting. Nor is it about you or your company. A website is about your prospect and their needs."

First, a history lesson:

My first websites were about me. I'm a nice guy, and I thought that "I" was a really good topic. It was basically a vanity site even though visitors could poke around the edges to find something to buy.

Your website may be intended to:
  • Provide A Landing Page
  • Be Informational
  • Talk about your company
    • Finding new customers
    • Building the corporate image
    • Finding new employees
    • Building convenient and efficient communication
  • Be a brochure Website - The purpose: the main purpose of creating a brochure site is to introduce customers to the company. Unlike the classic corporate website, the brochure does not provide the client with comprehensive answers to all questions. It is free from most heavyweight website modules and focuses on providing accessibility.
  • Be a personal website - "a personal site is a great opportunity to express yourself, promote your business or your talents. Sometimes brochure websites, portfolio websites, as well as personal blogs act like personal sites. most often, personal websites are created to promote the person, to find new customers, sponsors, employers or partners."
  • Provide Entertainment
  • Be Educational
  • Sell (E-Commerce)
  • Explain Non-Profit organization
  • Portfolio of work (art, photograps, websites)
  • Use a blog format
  • Anchor social media
Like clothing, websites have many unique purposes, but for these types of website, there are really only four simple, core purposes:
  • Describing Expertise (What do you do? Who do you do it for? How do you do it?)
  • Building Your Reputation
    • "There is far too much content on the web today to rest upon an if-you-publish-it-they-will-come attitude. The first thing you need to do is ensure that your content is discoverable by those who are searching for it. That’s what basic search engine optimization (SEO) is all about."
    • "search is only one piece of the awareness’ll need to give more attention to offsite engagement in order to build onsite engagement. Things like social media (being on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook..." 
  • Generating Leads
    • "The first thing an interested person will want to do is tell you they are interested. Do you have a way for them to do that?"
    • "An interested and engaged person who responds to your call-to-action is now a legitimate prospect — someone who has quantifiably bridged the gap between your marketing and your sales. Without calls-to-action, that gap is far bigger than you probably think."
  • Nurturing Sales
    • "Let’s say that interested, informed, and an engaged person gets in touch with you. In fact, if you’re not intentionally referring to your site in that first sales conversation, I’d bet your prospect is clicking around on their own as you speak."

Call-to-actions that your website is not good for:
  • Just looking at.... if you build it, they may come but they won't stay
  • a virtual "place" to send customers to find out more about you
  • An invitation for customers to contact you
  • A static business card
Your website is a salesperson
  • It’s more than just a resource
  • Lazy sites don’t win
  • A salesperson doesn’t hope
There are three main visitor types who come to my website:
  • Website Administrator
  • Business Owner – The last main user type to visit our site are the business owners themselves. The owner’s concerns can range from the cost of paying for a professional design to the impact a new website will have on sales and generating future revenue.

Unfinished: Here are topics I wanted to cover...
  • My next websites
  • Nice guy - vanity site
  • Single - list of accomplishments
  • Author - Vanity site
  • Sell a book


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