Thursday, October 29, 2020

Zoom Training Videos


Zoom Training Videos
on YouTube

Rick's curated video list

YouTube has collected thousands of tutorial videos from Zoom meetings and webinars. Some are excellent and some are terrible. Occasionally these YouTube videos even present bad/wrong information. 

Many videos have a tendency to just ramble as the presenter adds their oh-by-the-way comments. While this is great for 1:1 training, the comments may not be appropriate for a tutorial.

I am building a curated list of tutorial videos for Zoom administrators...

 ...based on seven key areas. 

Zoom offers meetings and webinars, and I will be

1. Zoom Webinar Attendee

  • "Zoom Webinar Attendee Training" I created this video show how a webinar appears to an attendee; couldn't find anything like through Google or YouTube searches. Comments are apprecaited!

2. Zoom Meeting Attendee

3. Zoom Meeting Presenter

4. Zoom Meeting Host/Co-Host

5. Zoom Webinar Host/Co-Host

6. Zoom Webinar Presenter

7. Miscellaneous Zoom Administrator Tasks

 Rick's Bibliography

  • Online Articles
  • Video Links

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