Friday, October 16, 2020

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One positive benefit to come from Covid-19 is that had forced most meetups to go online.

Here is a calendar of upcoming virtual WordPress meetings, mostly using Zoom, for WordPress user groups across the country. 

The times I see below are for Florida (Eastern Time Zone).

Reviewed through Saturday, November 7...
IMPORTANT: I maintain this calendar for my personal use, and it is NOT complete and NOT official. Use this as a starting place for discovering which user groups you would like to "visit."

You can search for the key word "WordPress" to discover that there are dozens of WordPress user groups around the world. 

I'm meeting really nice people and I am being exposed to different perspectives of WordPress tips and techniques!  I attended one meetup earlier this week that motivated me to find a new analogy [I wrote about it at].

 I did not belong to these groups before Covid-19. Most of the groups do stream their content.

My biggest challenge is keeping the times zones straight. WP Meetups are initially listed in their local time zone, and often only after I post it to my personal (local) calendar I can make sense of the schedule.

Please help me keep this current! You can write to me at

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