SCORE Mentoring

I am a SCORE mentor! 

People can contact me through SCORE for free mentoring via email for Internet and computer advice. They (You) will become a SCORE client, and I will be a resource for them (you) in that context.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: I will hold in strict confidence all information or discussions between you and me in ALL counseling sessions, including face-to-face, telephone, and email sessions.

I volunteer my time as a SCORE Counselor to share my technical experience and knowledge with small business entrepreneurs who can benefit from such advice.

What I can do as a SCORE Counselor:

  • Listen to your plans, and through a questioning process help you to clarify your goals. 
  • Steer you toward sources to accumulate information and data which will help you to determine the soundness of your plans. 
  • Offer you written material to aid in setting up a plan which will be the basis of your efforts to realize your goals. 
  • Be supportive and offer encouragement. 

What I cannot do as a SCORE Counselor:

  • I cannot tell you what kind of business you should try to establish. 
  • I cannot make decisions for you. 
  • I cannot do the work for you, even if you offer money. 
  • I cannot give you money.

What you need to do:

Before you contact me or any other SCORE Counselor, you need to know what kind of business you want to explore.

This YouTube video is harsh, but I think it shows a realistic perspective: 15 Things You Should Know When Starting A Business ( later, about 13 minutes into the video, be sure to revisit step number 10, which discusses mentors/mentoring).

Before you contact me, you should have a basic business plan that includes information like this:
  • You should have an idea of the market for your product or services (who, where, how). We recommend starting with an informal business plan such as a "lean canvas." 
  • You should have some idea of pricing and projected revenue.
  • You should have an idea of what the costs will be to open the door.
    • How much of your money you have available to invest and how much you may need to borrow. 
  • You should also know how much money you will need to live on before your business becomes profitable.  
You can summarize the information for a 1-2 sentence "elevator pitch," and it will be helpful to send it to your SCORE mentor, too. (Google it.)

I (and any other SCORE Counselor) can and will direct you to resources that will assist you in developing a business plan that will put the pieces together before you open the door.  Through your Counselor, you have access to the experience and expertise of all members of the Chapter.

I (and any other SCORE Counselor) will remain available to you for as long as you need support.

Click here to request me as a mentor: SCORE.ORG

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  1. Hello Mr Rick Jaggers,
    I believe that I tried to contact you through the form at Score but not sure it went through and, it was late at night and, although not a last thought, need a bit of direction as far as an internet art gallery I have begun. I will try to sign up again at the site otherwise it looks as though this comment form should give you my contact info. Thank you.


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