Tuesday, December 29, 2015

SCORE Workshop: "Elements of the Marketing Plan"

...Get the customers you want. What is a Marketing Plan?

  • Not a huge, complex document
  • tied to action items and a schedule
  • Look for alternatives

Act -  Measure - Evaluate
-- Marketing does not equal advertising

Evaulate customers Define: Suspect, prospect, customer

Attribute      |  Suspect  |  Prospect  |  Customer  |
Need            |  No          |  No          |  Yes  |
Motivation   |  No         |  No           |  Yes  |
Money         |  No          |  No          |   Yes  |

Target Customers - put message to whomever writes the checks

An invoice is the worst possible choice to collect money: try to avoid it!
Paypal,  Square,  Applepay

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